Audio recorders – are used to record Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). EVP’s are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. The human "hearing range" usually describes the range of frequencies that can be heard by humans or other animals. The human range is commonly given as 20 to 20,000 Hz. Several animal species are able to hear frequencies well beyond the human hearing range, like dogs and bats. We believe the EVP’s are outside of the human hearing range, but can be picked up and later played by the recorder. 

Real-Time Reorder – Like the recorder above, the real time recorder records audio and at the same time allows you to play back what had just been recorded a few seconds earlier. So you can ask a question and hear the answer within a few seconds instead of waiting until you get home and listen to what was on your recorder.

Still Camera’s – are used to record what we can’t see with our eyes or to document what we do see. Why does the camera record what we don’t see with our own eyes? There are lots of theories. But, maybe spirits are energy and maybe we can’t see energy. Or, maybe our brain won’t let us accept what our eyes are seeing.

Ovilus - The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. We are not sure how, but spirits are able to manipulate it to get it to say words. We often find that the words are relevant to the conversation or to the people in the home. On a recent investigation, for example, we were talking about a protective energy we felt in the daughter’s bedroom. We thought it was a father figure to someone in the home. We began to get what we thought were random words on the Ovilus. After presenting our Ovilus evidence to the family, words that had no meaning to the investigators resonated with the homeowner. Words like Navy, sub, Hartford, Plymouth, foundry, July, joke, beer and watch meant nothing to the investigators but to the father of the house those words reminded him of his grandfather who was in a sub in the navy. He said his grandfather, who raised him, lived in Hartford Connecticut, drove a Plymouth, worked in a foundry, was born in July and liked to drink and tell jokes. He now feels his grandfather watches over his daughter.

Spirit Box (SB 7 and SB11) - the SB will provide results similar to that of an EVP recorder, but in real time. The idea is that it sweeps through radio stations very quickly, too quickly to allow a full word from a radio station to be heard. Somehow, the spirits are able to manipulate the sound waves or the energy in the radio to speak.

K-II – provides instantaneous response to EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) fluctuations & spikes. The purpose of any electromagnetic field meter is to locate sources of electromagnetic radiation (magnetic, electric and/or RF/microwave) and provide a reading of the relative strength.  An electromagnetic field consists of two parts: the static, electric field (which is constant and based on the total amount of electrical charge present), and the fluctuating magnetic field (which is based on the actual flow of electricity). While more expensive EMF meters that can measure static EMF fields exist, the K-II can only measure magnetic fields.

A K-II meter detects magnetic fields through a special coil built into the surface of its circuit board as a spiral wire design. When a magnetic field crosses an electrically-conductive coil, the magnetic energy is transduced into electrical energy which travels through the wire into an electronic amplifier. This amplified electrical signal is then deciphered by a chip in the circuit which triggers one or more LEDs to light up.
When the K-II meter moves away from the magnetic field, the induced current decreases, causing the chip to stop lighting the LEDs. The belief is that spirits are comprised of energy and are able to manipulate energy and magnetic fields around them. We believe a spirit’s energy is able to be measured by the K-II meter. We ask the spirit to come close to the   K-II meter to light it up (the K-II lights up in response to the electromagnetic field it identifies) and as the spirit moves away, the field decreases and the lights turn off. This is how we use the K-II to communicate, “Light up the lights if the answer to the question is yes.”

Flashlights – The flashlight works by screwing or unscrewing the top of the flashlight. When you do this, two tiny bits of metal come into contact with each other. When they're touching, the electrical circuit is complete and the light is on. When they aren't, the circuit is broken and the light is off.

We believe the spirts are able to complete an open circuit. We believe they use their energy to create an arc between the two pieces of metal. We do this by turning the flashlight on and then unscrewing it just enough to break the circuit. With the flashlight now off, the circuit broken. We ask a spirit to touch the flashlight, explaining it will not hurt them, but if they touch it they are able to turn the light on. We have found that the flashlight can sit for hours and not turn on until we ask a spirit to turn it on. We have been able to consistently, with the help of spirits, prove that the flashlight is a valid “ghost hunting tool.”

    Thermometers – simply record temperature. IR thermometers capture the invisible infrared energy naturally emitted from all objects. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes radio waves, microwaves, visible light, ultraviolet, gamma, and X-rays. Any object warmer than absolute zero emits energy somewhere within that range. IR thermometers read the surface temperatures of things. A wall, for example, may give off an infrared heat signature of 78 degrees and the IR thermometer picks it up. If something invisible to the naked eye gets in between the wall surface and the thermometer and it has a lower IR heat signature you will get a colder temperature reading. This is “impossible” but we do record these anomalous temperature drops in haunted locations and that’s why they are so significant, they can’t be explained. It is believed that spirits need energy to manifest and to communicate, as they pull the energy from something or someone, that areas energy drops and cools, thus producing colder areas.

    Dowsing Rods – also known as divining rods – There is no reasonable scientific proof that dowsing rods work. That said, we have used them and have had positive results. Maybe the rods are just a tool that a spirit is able to manipulate, through the user. Maybe, if everything has energy and we can sense energy, the dowser allows their brain to tune into the energy around them and subconsciously we are reading that energy and transmitting it into the rods to make them move. Whatever the case, we use them as another tool in which to communicate.

    Thermal Imaging Camera - is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. Instead of the 450–750 nanometer range of the visible light camera, infrared cameras operate in wavelengths as long as 14,000 nm (14 µm). Their use is called thermography. In other words, this camera “sees” in heat signatures. Differences in temperature show up as different colors. We use this camera to “see” spirits.